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Bankers of NYC is an online forum for young professionals in the investment banking industry. Our member base is made up of hundreds of current bankers and ex-bankers.


Join our forum to meet peers in the industry. Get advice from others and discuss industry news, book recommendations, restaurant experiences, job offers, and travel itineraries.


We've compiled a collection of business books, articles, investor letters, and investment theses. Members track what they've read and mark off the ones they find most compelling.


Participate in our rolling mentoring program. Junior bankers (0 to 2 years) are matched with more senior bankers and ex-bankers.

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Q: Who can join?
A: You need to be referred by an existing member to access the sign up page. Members can invite friends and coworkers in the industry.
Q: What are the qualifications to join?
A: Members must have full time experience working in a banking program (e.g. investment banking or sales & trading). Our members include current bankers as well as those who have moved on to the buyside or switched industries.
Q: Can interns or someone looking to break into the industry join?
A: No. We differentiate ourselves by limited our member base to only those with full time experience.
Q: Who can see what I write on the forum?
A: Our forum is only accessible by members and each member gets to create an alias when they sign up. Posts won't show up in google results. That being said, anything you put on the internet can become public one way or another. So watch what you say.
Q: How much does it cost to become a member?
A: Right now there are no membership dues. As we grow and start providing real benefits to being a member we'll offer a premium membership in addition to a free membership level. The idea is to make it something reasonable you can stick on a credit card.